To the average Lagosian, Sanwo-Olu needs no introduction. He is the man with square-rimmed glasses in a blue suit whose image is literally in your face in your going out, your coming in and even in your sleep.

Beyond this, Sanwo-Olu is the governorship aspirant of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

Right from the moment he entered the race to succeed Akinwunmi Ambode, Sanwo-Olu and drama have been conjoined twins.

Even his shadows loomed so large that it forced Ambode to call an infamous ill-conceived world conference where he described Sanwo as a crazy person.

But this man had his credentials: he has been a commissioner in different administrations and his educational qualifications show that “E-too-sabi”.

For a man was not really interested in being the governor until “God has turned the table around”, he will not stop until we have heard his message.

The only problem is Lagosians are tired of hearing the message.

Sanwo-Olu has become the messenger and the lord. With his posters are rather pulling down other strongholds that want to contest the authority. If elections are won and lost by the number of posters alone, Sanwo-Olu will beat Buhari and Atiku. In Lagos, that is. Sanwo-Olu’s face is the lord of Third Mainland bridge, he is the controller of Maryland Bus Stop.

His rival, Jimi Agbaje is desperately playing catch up in this regard.

Like a man desperate for attention, his posters scream “get me into Lagos House” but Nigerians have sung dirges because of the desperate. We have seen the zeal but are not sure if the same energy will be directed to making “Lagos of our dreams”.
The Guardian Newspaper


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